Мнемоника в английском языке

Мнемоника (греч. искусство запоминания), мнемотехника — совокупность специальных приёмов и способов, облегчающих запоминание нужной информации и увеличивающих объём памяти путём образования ассоциаций (связей). Замена абстрактных объектов и фактов на понятия и представления, имеющие визуальное, аудиальное или кинестетическое представление, связывание объектов с уже имеющейся информацией в памяти различных типов для упрощения запоминания. 

Использование мнемотехнических приёмов для запоминания иностранных слов. Обычно это слова, которые «выпадают» из памяти. Так же мнемоника поможет отличать похожие слова. Википедия дает следующие примеры использования мнемоники в английском языке:

Characteristic sequence of letters

1) I always comes before E (but after C), E comes before I

In most words like friend, field, piece, pierce, mischief, thief, tier, it is “I” which comes before “e”. But on some words with c just before the pair of e and i, like receive, perceive, “e” comes before “I”. This can be remembered by the following mnemonic:

I before E, except after C

But this is not always obeyed as in case of weird and weigh, weight, height, neighbor etc. and can be remembered by extending that mnemonic as given below:

I before E, except after C

Or when sounded «A» as in neighbor, weigh and weight

Or when sounded like «eye» as in height

And «weird» is just weird

2) Where ever there is a Q there is a U too

Most frequently “u” follows “q”. e.g.: Que, queen, question, quack, quark, quartz, quarry, quit, Pique, torque, macaque, exchequer. Hence the mnemonic:

Where ever there is a Q there is a U too (But this is violated by some words)

3) When two vowels go walking the first does the talking

For words like «oat» or «eat», here the second letter a is silent and first letter o and e respectively are pronounced in the examples.

Letters of specific syllables in a word

  •  BELIEVE Do not believe a lie.
  •  SECRETARY A secretary must keep a secret
  • TEACHER There is an ache in every teacher.
  • MEASUREMENT You should be sure of your measurements before you start work.
  • FRIEND When Friday ends, you go out with your friends.
  • SPECIAL The CIA have special agents
  • BEAUTIFUL Big Elephants Are Ugly
  • SLAUGHTER Slaughter is laughter with an S at the beginning.
  • ASSUME When you assume, you make an ass of u and me.
  • SEPARATE Always smell a rat when you spell separate

  Distinguishing between similar words

  • Difference between Advice & Advise, Practice & Practise, Licence & License etc.

One way of remembering this is that the word “noun” comes before the word ”verb” in the dictionary; likewise ”c” comes before “s”, so the nouns are “practice, licence, advice” and the verbs are “practise, license, advise”.

  • Here or Hear: We hear with our ear
  • Complement and Compliment:
    • complement adds something to make it enough
    • compliment puts you in the limelight
  • Principle and Principal
    • Your principal is your pal
    • A rule can be called a principle
  • Sculpture and Sculptor: A sculpture is a kind of picture
  • Stationary and stationery:  Stationery contains “er” and so does paper; stationary (not moving) contains “ar” and so does car

First letter mnemonics of spelling


Dashing In A Rush, Running Harder Or Else Accident!

Dining In A Rough Restaurant: Hurry, Otherwise Expect Accidents!

  • ARITHMETIC: A Rat In The House May Eat The Ice Cream

Not Every Cat Eats Sardines (Some Are Really Yummy)

Never Eat Crisps, Eat Salad Sandwiches, And Remain Young!


Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants

Big Elephants Cause Accidents Under Small Elephants

Big Elephants Can’t Always Use Small Entrances

  • MNEMONICS: Mnemonics Now Erase Man’s Oldest Nemesis, Insufficient Cerebral Storage
  • GEOGRAPHY: George’s Elderly Old Grandfather Rode A Pig Home Yesterday.
  • TOMORROW: Trails Of My Old Red Rose Over Window
  • RHYTHM: Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move

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