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 Вследствие работы репетитора английского языка, я столкнулась с тем, что человек, увидев тему, может растеряться, т.к. просто не знает, что сказать по ней. В экзамене темы даются, на первый взгляд простые, не требующие никаких специальных знаний. Но, как оказалось, в этом и кроется их основная сложность. Например, реальные темы из наиболее популярного учебника по подготовке к TOEFL: «Опишите Вашего идеального партнера по браку» (Describe an ideal marriage partner. What qualities do you think are most important for a husband or wife? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choices), или «Кто может называться хорошим сыном или дочерью?».(In your opinion, what characteristics of a good son or daughter in a family?).  Если человек раньше не задумывался над подобными вопросами, то он теряется и упускает дорогие секунды, при этом снижается качество речи, причем существенно.

Что можно посоветовать? Начиная подготовку, напишите несколько маленьких сочинений по темам высказываний, и проговорите их. После, примерно, 10 таких экспериментов, Вы почувствуете, что можете говорить почти без запинки на любую подобную тему. Кстати, если Вы еще выучите и проговорите эти тексты, это станет хорошей тренировкой для развития беглости речи.

Примеры высказываний по темам

1. Describe an ideal marriage partner. What qualities do you think are most important for a husband or wife? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choices.

It’s absolutely necessary for my husband to be an outstanding and loving father for our children. Children must play the most important role in his life.

Also he must be a devoted husband. I’d like him to help me about the house.

A Kind, generous, flexible character of my husband is necessary for me. The fact, that he should be hardworking goes without saying. Of course, I need him to be reliable. He must be interesting to speak with and spend time with. I’d like him to be communicable, well-socialized and rather outgoing. The abilities to make decisions, solve life problems may be considered the main for any man.

My husband’s profession plays a big role for me. I would like him to have a stable income, enough to support the family, if I can’t work for some time.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a good son or daughter in a family? Use specific examples and details to explain your answer.

At every age we expect different things from a good son or a daughter.

When we are small, parents expect from us absolute obedience. We have to listen to parents and follow their instructions. Parents demand from us to be quiet, not to cry a lot, not to make a lot of noise and not to disturb them too often. It is considered to be enough.

As a teen, we are supposed to study well, to help parents about the house and not to argue with parents too much. Good manners are greatly approved. The main thing is not to cause our parents many problems. Also, parents and children may start to become friends.

When we become adults, our parents get weaker and need our help badly. At that period of time a good child should take care about their parents. We can help physically, financially and give moral support. Telephone calls become extremely important for elder generation of the family. Good adult children never forget to call parents. Also they answer their questions patiently and try to hide bitter facts.

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Как Вам кажется, можете ли Вы написать подобное мини-эссе?

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