Пример эссе к экзамену ЕГЭ по аглийскому языку

Эссе – это наиболее сложный аспект экзамена. Как правило, сложность возникает при необходимости найти, подобрать подходящие аргументы. Я уже писала о том, что выбирать для доказательства надо такой вариант, который вам легче всего подкрепить аргументами. Примеры также приветствуются, но вам придется объяснить их использование в данном, конкретном случае. Раскрывая противоположную точку зрения, вам не надо приводить аргументы, или примеры, как считают некоторые ученики, а следует просто выразить общую точку зрения противоположной стороны. Здесь я хотела бы привести пример эссе на тему  “A person who is fluent in a foreign language can easily work as an interpreter”.

There are two opposite opinions concerning the job of an interpreter. A big part of people are sure, that it’s enough for a person to obtain excellent language skills to become a translator, others argue, that a lot of additional knowledge is essential.

In my opinion, an interpreter, who works at some difficult and important negotiations, has to be competent in the discussed issues; otherwise, a vital mistake is possible.

Secondly, translators work with people from different cultures and social groups, so they have to be aware of cultural specialties of social and business behavior of their customers.

Moreover, if you translate some scientific report at some conference, the knowledge of special terms is absolutely required.

On the other hand, there is a popular point of view, that anyone, who speaks good language, can assist others with translation. They believe that excellent fluency allows a person to translate any text.

There is no doubt, that if the necessity to translate some conversation, related to simple, every day issues, just the ability to speak the language and understand it, would do. However, whilst the requirement of interpretation of something more difficult, special or professional appears, a specialist has to have appropriate efficiency, which includes much more, than simple fluency.

In conclusion, I’d like to say, that an interpreter, who is only good at any language can not make brilliant carrier, he has to develop in many fields every day as only well-educated specialist in different spheres with excellent language skills, can apply for a well-paid interesting job.

Я показала, как можно написать эссе на данную тему, защищая одну из точек зрения. Если Вам интересно попробовать написать эссе, придерживаясь противоположной позиции, позвоните мне по номеру 8-916-960-62-66, или напишите.

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