Материалы для подготовки к внутреннему экзамену МГИМО по английскому

Хочу предложить еще примеры заданий по английкому языку, составленных мною, на базе материалов, разработанных специалистами МГИМО. Здесь представлены задания, в которых необходимо раскрыть скобки, поставив глагол в правильной форме. Я не привожу правильных ответов. Если вам интересно узнать, как вы справились с заданием, позвоните мне по телефону: 8-916-960-62-66, или свяжитесь со мной, посмотрев мои координаты. Если вы не из Москвы, я готова дать вам необходимую консультацию дистанционно по Skype.

  1. We (to paint) half of the house, when mother (to say) that we(to take) the wrong color
  2. — Someone ( to use) my computer! It (to feel) warm. And it ( to be) warm yesterday and it ( to be) warm the day before yesterday.

      -Well, it (not to be) me. I (to be) out of the town for two weeks.

  1. Jane (to go) into the museum and (to buy) a ticket. There (to be) few people (to wait) for the guide. Some (to read ) books, others (to talk) or (to watch) out of the window. Jane (to look for) Mike, so she (not sit down) on a chair.
  2. This time next Monday Ann ( to do shopping) in the biggest mall of the city. I expect she (to do shopping) until she (to spend) all her money. That’s what she (to do) last month.
  3. No sooner the teacher ( to explain) the rule to us, the door ( to open) and Jack ( to enter) the classroom.
  4. I was delighted when I ( to become) an actress, because it (to be) my ambition since school. I (to work) in this theatre for a year now. Though I ( to have) problems with the role last month, I ( to enjoy) my job at the moment.
  5. Yesterday I ( to be) 15 minutes late because nobody ( to warn) me that the road ( to repair).
  6.  — Why don’t we meet ( to discuss) the problem?

— Ok, but we should really stop ( to discuss) stupid things.

  1. Do you hear the piano music? Mary must ( to play) in the studio.
  2. Let me ( to help ) them to clean the house.

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