Материалы по внутреннему экзамену МГИМО. Продолжение.

Я давно и успешно занимаюсь подготовкой абитуриентов к внутреннему экзамену по английскому языку. В своей работе я использую, в том числе, оригинальные материалы, разработанные сотрудниками учебного заведения. В данном материале я предлагаю Вам проверить свои знания, при помощи заданий, составленных мною, на базе материалов для подготовки к внутреннему экзамену МГИМО. Сейчас вам предлагается раскрыть скобки в предложениях, использую соответствующую глагольно-временную форму.


  1. Thirty students who (to eat) chicken in the canteen last Monday (to fall) ill with food poisoning.  Other students who (to eat) there, but ( not to order) the chicken ( to be) good. The chicken must ( to be) bad.
  2. The engineers of the company ( to analyze) the problem with the engine, but they ( not to find) anything wrong with it.
  3. I (to call) you as soon as I (to speak) to Jack and ( to hear) his offer. I ( to promise) I ( not to give ) the answer before ( to consult) with you.
  4. This teacher of English ( to seem) very promising for our University. Let’s see his experience. He ( to live) in London and ( to work) in some Universities there. Also, he ( to work) for some Universities in the USA. I suppose we should definitely ( to hire) him.
  5. When I ( to leave) New Your next year, I ( to work) here for about two years.
  6. I am getting too fat ( to wear) this swim suit. My mum (to be) an excellent cook, she ( to make ) delicious cakes, so I can’t resist ( to eat) them.
  7. I heard the bell ( to ring) and ( to open) the door quickly.
  8. When she opened the window, she was happy to see ( not to rain). In fact it ( to rain) all night, and the streets ( to become) wet.
  9. He claims ( to find) the ways to recover the economics of the country.
  10. — Oh, Mum, I ( to do) my English homework. Can’t I go on ( to play) a game for a while?

—         No, I want you ( to do) History homework and then go on ( to read) the text.

Желаю Вам успеха! Если Вы захотите проверить правильность выполнения данного задания, свяжитесь со мной по телефону: 89169606266, или любым другим способом, указанным на сайте.

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