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Еще один пример для части говорение в английском

Как известно, лучший экспромт — подготовленный экспромт, вот и для того. что спокойно сдать части говорение в экзаменах вроде ОГЭ и ЕГЭ, имеет смысл набросать заготовки текстов ответа. Ниже я привожу пример одного из них.


Education plays an extremely important role in people’s life. If you are well-educated person, you can get an interesting and good job. While receiving education, people meet a lot of friends, who will remain with you for ever. A modern person cannot be successful without good education. In russia children go to school at the age of seven. They have to study nine years and after passing the state exams, young people can continue education in a vocational school, college, or apprenticeship. Also, is a schoolgirl or a schoolboy succeeds in the exams, they can continue their education at school afterwords enter the university. Personally I would like to finish school after the eleventh grade and become a doctor. Biology and chemistry are my favourite subjects, and also I like to help people. I like my school, but I would like to have the lessons of ethics, because, I think it is very important for life.

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